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3/22/2011 14:58:08

dalton white
3/22/2011 15:16:21

i used physcial energy today to ride my bike, to run and jump,and play frisbe . I also used physical energy to play with my dog. I used mechical energy when i rode in our van to pick up my dad from work. I used solar energy to get a tan on my arms.

dalton white
3/23/2011 14:49:48

lamp-electrical and light energy
microwave-electrical,sound,and light energy.
dishwahser-electrical,sound,and heat energy
tv-electrical,lightand heat energy
car-chemical,electrical,sound and heat energy
celing fan-light and electrical energy
deep fryer-heat,chemical,and electrical energy
oven-heat,light,and electrical energy
drill-electrical,and sound energy
xbox360-electrical,sound,and light energy.


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