EARTH DAY - A1 Student Work
Hale Kula Fifth grade  students and teachers participated in an Earth Day event on Schofield.  Students educated community members on vermicomposting and the benefits of it. Students helped visitors to create their own make-and-take worm bins.
4/25/2011 10:26:33


i dont see anything to blog about.
when we were at sills field, thorin explained to everyone that the make and take worm bins were all natural. that you had to MOISTEN it,
(not damp it, thorin that doesnt actually make any sense)so that the worms stay alive in order for them to make worm tea so you can naturally fertilize your plants and herbs.

4/25/2011 12:39:30

Yes, I could not locate the slide show either. I helped though and had a lot of fun. I got to educate people on how to take care of a worm bin of their own. I got to handle worms, dampen dirt, put dirt and food into worm bins, and be a teacher.

(Asia I said dampen it)

4/25/2011 12:54:27

Yea i agree with Thorin sills field was fun i got to make a lay made out of hawaiian flowers . I also learned about energy and how we can save it from going to waste.

(P.S lol asia and thorin)

4/25/2011 14:57:07

it was fun we ran out of every thing

4/25/2011 16:04:47

i think the event at seals field was pretty fun. me and my friends were racing eachother to see who would get the green slip done first.

4/25/2011 17:09:57

The whole point behind earth day is to show people there are other ways to save the earth like using electric cars instead of gas that will pollute the air.

4/26/2011 11:23:16

sorry i diddnt come my mom would not let me from the way people are saying it sounds like it was so much fun. SORRY : ( !?
p.s (really asia y did u say im 1st lol )


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