Special thanks to James, Jessica, and Sara for coming out to the garden early Sunday evening to plant our Full Moon Beans.  I hope you all had an opportunity to observe the full moon Sunday night it was big, bright, and beautiful.  Perfectly round and luminous with a misty glow.  Keep your eye on the moon each night this week and check the beans daily to count sprouts.  Please comment on your observations of the sky and garden.  
chandler A1
11/23/2010 04:52:03 am

Hi, I saw the full moon it was nice and bright I loved it. I whant to know on how did u plant them. I am sorry that i didn't come on suday!

11/23/2010 08:23:37 am

I couldn't come be cause it's against my religion(honest!). I think they will be second only to the new moon beans. I saw the full moon on Saturday, so I wonder if I just saw it from a different angle???

11/23/2010 09:30:00 am

I am sad that I was unable to attend the planting of the full moon beans and will hopefully be able to attend in the future. I have put aside time during first recess today and yesterday to observe the half moon beans. I have noticed that there are 28 half moon sprouts as of today. Also I analyzed hole number nine and ten and found that they still did not have any sprouts. Also I noticed yesterday that all three of the half moon beans in hole number one sprouted. I will continue to observe the beans and hope that the experiment will show us something that was unexpected and interesting.

11/23/2010 12:49:08 pm

I lern that the full moon some time sume out on sundays but im sad that i did not come last sunday .

11/23/2010 02:51:19 pm

soo sorry that i couldn't make it. I saw the moon when we were going home. The moon looked so cool.

12/1/2010 07:25:01 am

During first recess today I observed the full-moon beans. I noticed that on the 29th there were 29 sprouts. On the 30th there were again 29 sprouts. Today there were 31 sprouts. I enjoy working in the garden and can't wait to do more planting.

12/1/2010 11:23:57 am

Today at recess me and Thorin went to see the the moon beans and they looked awesome!


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