Garden Sale - A1 Student Work
Today we held our first garden sale.   Our goal was to earn $43.00.  We had 12 bags of beans at $2.50 each, several bunches of carrots at  0.50 cents each as well as lilikoi and turnips for 0.50 cents and a few bunch of rosemary, sage, and time for $1.00 each.   We sold all of the green beans and lilikoi and most of the carrots.  The turnips were not a popular.  I beleive total sales were about $50.00 we need to recount it tomorrow.   Thank you all the hardworking students in A1 and garden club.   Special thanks to all the parents, students, and teachers who support our project and made purchases.

Please share your thoughts about the garden sale.

11/19/2010 03:30:03

hi the moon beans do they grow on the moon light ???
or how dose it grow/???

11/21/2010 12:07:44

Hi, today is Sunday Nov.21 2010. I went to go plant beans at our hope garden.I think when it is a full moon it will grow faster.I think that because,when the moon is full the seeds will grow all at once.When it is half it grows piece by piece, so it will take longer.

chandler A1
11/23/2010 04:55:17

Hi I whant to know when are we going to have the next Garden Sale. Do we have a lot of Herbs and other stuff for the up comeing sale.

chandler A1
12/14/2010 05:02:26

hi when are haveing the next sale


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