Write a paragraph comparing "Iditarod" and this week's story.  Use the double bubble map that you created.  Include the following:
1. Topic sentence identifying the two stories
2. Two sentences on similarities.
3. Two sentences on differences.
4.  Use descriptive words (adjectives).
5.  End with a concluding sentence.
Write a paragraph comparing two of the fables you read this week. Include the following:
1) A topic sentence identifying the names of the fables.
2) Two sentences describing how they are similar.
3) Two sentences telling how they are different.
4) Conclude with the moral or lesson that each story presents.

HINT: Use your double bubble map to help you with this.

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 Click on the website below to read many short fables by Aesop.


Check Out this website to read more fables. Highlight and click on the url below.http://http://education.weebly.com/weebly/main.php#