Calling ALL novels - Respond to this post. - A1 Student Work
Compare and contrast one of the main characters in the novel you are now reading with a character from the last novel that you read.   Include the following in your response:

1.  Topic sentence identifying the two novels and the two characters you are comparing.

2.  Two sentences describing two similarites between your characters.

3.  Two sentences describing two differences between the characters.  

4.  Use descriptive details and adjectives. 

5.  See Sally's example.
11/30/2010 12:53:43

Have you ever thought about what a mouse and girl might have in common? Well, I have been thinking about it for quite a while. Charlotte from Riding Freedom and Desperaux from Tale of Desperaux have a few things in common. First of all, they both lacked the support of a loving family. Charlotte's parents died when she was a baby and she had to be raised in an orphanage.
Desperaux had a family, however they mocked and ridiculed him. A second similarity is Charlotte and Desperaux were both very strong and brave. Charlotte ran away from the orphanage and survived on her own. Desperaux stood up to the Mouse Council for his beliefs and love of the Princess. They were different in that Desperaux was a furry little rodent with big ears and Charlotte was a redheaded human girl.

12/1/2010 07:37:54

have you ever wondered how a native american girl and an american girl can have similarities?
Karana from island of the blue dolphins and Corey from all the lovely bad ones are alot the same and different.they were in like by loving and looking out for their brothers and by being brave and kind. they are in differ by Karana having her brother die on an island and Corey lives in a haunted inn at Fox Hill. another way they are different is that Corey and her brother were almost schemed into suicidal murder! and Karana was left on an island for 18 years...!!! Both stories were simplycreative, intelligent and I wish they were longer.
p.s. I'm the first one!(again)

12/1/2010 08:44:49

Have you ever known that a girl from a book and a girl from a different book has things that are the same and has differences?
Corey from the book All The Lovely Bad Ones and Brian from the book Hatchet has most things that are different from what I read and has very little. One thing that is the same between both of these characters is they were both sent some were during the summer to hang out with someone in their family. Another is that they only go during the summer not during school year. Something that is different is that Brian is older that Corey.
One more is that Corey is curious and Brian is a big scared y cat.
p.s aisa you forgot to spell the whole word of different......

Mrs. Cramer
12/1/2010 14:25:26

Right on Asia and Gabriella you are the Novel blog stars. I think you have just been moved to the top of Santa's list. I love you and your responses too. Thorin excellent Moon bean observation and thanks to Jessica too. It is going to nine so I imagine the rest of you kiddies are headed for bed. I am super sorry that I did not hear from you tonight.

12/1/2010 15:09:28

I am comparing Eragon from Eldest and Brian from Hatchet.

One way that Eragon and Brian are the same is that they both can survive on there own. Also they both are in a grand battle for their lives.

Eragon is powerful and strong, while Brian is just smart. Another difference is that Eragon looks like an elf and has magic while Brian is just an ordinary boy. My favorite is Eragon. If you ever have to chose between Eldest and Hachet, I would choose Eldest.

12/2/2010 01:20:49

Brian from Hatchet and Chip from Found have many similarities and differences. One similarity is that they both are having trouble squeezing secrets out of their parents. Another is that they are both determined to either survive or find out about adoption. One of their differences is that Brian is stranded in the wilderness and Chip is racing through time to find answers. Another difference is that Chip has his two friends Jonah and Katherine by his side and Brian has only himself. Either way they are both determined to save themselves. I loved reading both novels and will continue reading others.

news flash
12/2/2010 08:23:16

um yeah gabby i spelled different right. the way i spelled it is just a shorter way. get the diff? and if you were talking about the differ part, that means they were different. differ is a word. look it up.

news flash is Asia. NMI
12/2/2010 08:23:49

12/2/2010 13:24:08

put my novel it is not thare mine is the tale of the forth gread nothing

Newz FLAsh
12/6/2010 08:28:02

i am here to correct hopes post.

But my novel is not there. Mine is:
The Tale of a Fourthy Grade Nothing.

newz flash mistake
12/6/2010 08:29:42

--------------------| fourth

12/6/2010 10:36:20

My character Molly is the same person as Charlett by having to stay somewhere when people are being mean to you.

12/7/2010 14:03:41

Asia did u start the News Flash what up with that.

12/9/2010 09:42:50

what is a newsflash mrs. cramer??????????

12/9/2010 12:24:51

good jod everybody i like all of them and what is a newsflash

12/9/2010 12:26:21

Asia and Gagriella are really tring to bet each other

12/9/2010 12:33:27

Hatchet was a very interesting book one of the things i like about was when the kid was calling for help because he did not know the instruments on the plane was and at the same time the plane was going down.

12/13/2010 13:37:29

I am comparing me and Travis.We are both big brother and sister.But I am a girl and he is a boy .


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