We have been working on compound sentences in class.  A compound sentence can be created by combing two sentences that could stand alone, with a comma followed by one of the fanboys connectors:


Post 3 compound sentences about your novel.  Please number each sentence.
Check out Sally's sample.
12/6/2010 11:37:02 am

1. Sistine's teacher gives her an opportunity to introduce herself to the class, but instead of saying something nice, Sistine insults the class by saying "People in the south are ignorant."

2. Rob's mother died six months, but Rob does not cry or show his emotions.

3. Rob is very excited about staying home until his rash clears up, for he knows that his rash will never go away and therefore never have to return to school.

12/6/2010 11:48:43 am

1. I was very excited because I had gotten my first babysitting job, but I had to go to California at last minute because my aunt got really sick.

2. I wanted to get off on a good start in my new class, but I was to shy to stand up and talk when the teacher asked me to.

3. I wanted to stay outside and play, but my mom wanted me to come in for dinner.

P.S. I think I beat Asia.

12/6/2010 01:41:45 pm

1.Despearouxs family say that Despearoux is the strangest mouse that was ever born to live, AND Deaspearoux does care how strange he is

2.Despearoux will do anything for the princess, BUT Roscuro has captured her

3.When princess Pea first saw Despearoux by his size she knew he was a mouse, YET Peas father the king kept saying he was a bug

12/7/2010 12:42:28 pm

1 When coreys brother found out that the inn was haunted he was scared, bbut corey was not.
2 corey and her brother woke up from a dream , corey was not scared, but her brother was freaked out
3 For the summer they had to spend time with there grandma, corey did not like it nor her brother.

12/7/2010 01:05:31 pm

1 Travis and Corey a plan,so they were going to do it.

2 Travis is always scared,but Corey is not.

3 Travis is a big brother,and Corey is a little sister.

12/8/2010 09:20:50 am

i dont know if we had to do this post on our novels, or not. so im doing both.
1. Corey is the little sister, but her big brother looks up to her
2. Ms. Duvall is a fat lady, and Mr. Coakley is a toothpick.
3. Travis held the noose, and his sister watched in terror.

1. Boots talked to Map, but Dora talked to Backpack.
2. I went to the store, and I got a fish.
3. Missy went to Prissy's party, but Lou went to Sue's party.

12/8/2010 03:03:04 pm

1. Fudge is an evil person, but is never evil to his mom.

2.Peter is not so nice, and is always mad at his brother.

3. Fudge does not have maners, and is always takes his brother stuff.

12/9/2010 01:45:52 am

sisten was being nice and dhe was saying somthing and people was not lesoning to her.

12/9/2010 04:07:01 am

1. When Rob finds the tiger ,and doesn't know what to do he just leaves the poor thing in the cage.
2. One day a new girl comes to town called Sistine Baily, and she was wearing a pink lacey dress which was odd.
3.Rob decides to tell Sistine about the tiger he found, and he was surprised when she believed him unlike other people.

12/9/2010 04:34:39 am

He was so astounded at his discovery so anazed that he stood and stared i found that.
i found that in the tiger rising page 2.

12/9/2010 09:41:22 am

wow aisa you really want extra credit.

12/9/2010 09:51:01 am

1. Jamie had the opportunity to say hello to the neighbors, but she said "Why would I want to talk to them!"
2. Parker wanted to play outside, but then in a hour he was way to "busy" on the Xbox and Wii to go out.
3. Tyler want to do math, but then said in the middle of the math "I HATE MATH!!!"

1. Desperuax is deeply in love with the princess, but the rat took her into the dungeon.
2. Princess is friends with Desperuax, but is deep dark enemys with the rat who killed her mother.
3. Migg really wanted to be a princess, but she will never be a princess.

NOT TO COPY YOU ASIA!!! I dint know you had to do novels.

12/9/2010 10:21:08 am

taylor what do u mean you are not reilly copying asia.


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