Dear Future Reader,
      Hello, my name is Elizabeth.  I am ten years old and living in the New World colony of New Jersey.  I am writing to you to share my life so that the people of the future will be able to know and understnad the people of the past.
     I was born on the streets of London, england int he year 1645.  My family was poor and without a home of their own.  We cleaned the streets, and begged for money.  We often went for days without  but a bite of bread.  One day my father heard about a ship leaving for the New World.  They were giving land to families that would come to the New World.  We packed allor belongings into a sack and headed to the ship.  When we arrived the Captain said there was no room for grandma and our youngest brother.  We had to leave them behind.  Pa says maybe we they can come on the a ship in the spring.  My heart broke as we pulled away from the dock and lft them alone in the rain and cold.   
This ship is a symbol of the the hardships we went through. The journey was extremely difficult many people died on the way and we had to leave grandma and brother behind

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