Comparing Fables - A1 Student Work
Write a paragraph comparing two of the fables you read this week. Include the following:
1) A topic sentence identifying the names of the fables.
2) Two sentences describing how they are similar.
3) Two sentences telling how they are different.
4) Conclude with the moral or lesson that each story presents.

HINT: Use your double bubble map to help you with this.

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1/8/2011 14:53:35

I am going to compare two of Aesops Fables, The Lion and the Mouse and The Fox and the Goat. The two fables are similar as they both contain talking animals. In addition, animals in both stories get into difficult situations and need help. The difference between the two lies in the way the animals treat each other. The fox tricked the goat into helping him and then ran off leaving the goat in bad way. The mouse and the lion were both kind and helpful to each other. The moral of The Fox and the Goat was to beware of others in difficult situations. The moral of the Lion and the Mouse was that even little friends can helpout in a big way.

1/12/2011 07:28:21

The two fables I want to compare are "How the moon bacame ivory" and "Who is best." These two story have some things in common and some differences. In "How the moon became ivory" it was about the sun and moon ,but in "Who is best" it was about three men who get jobs as farmers.Both of these stories have problems like when the people didn't like the moon at the begining or that in "Who is best" the three men couldn't find out how to split the money.

1/12/2011 07:57:27

I am going to compare "How the Moon Became Ivory" and "Who Is Best". The two fables are similar as they both are about people trying to shine. In addition, they both teach morals as well as have conflicts between the characters. One of the differences is that "How the Moon Became Ivory" teaches that you should just be yourself and "Who Is Best" that no one alone is sufficient without the other. Another difference is that "How the Moon Became Ivory" is mainly about a conflict with the moon and the sun while "Who Is Best" is mainly about 3 characteristics that you need to succeed. I enjoyed reading all of the fables with their gripping adventures and captivating details.

1/12/2011 08:17:55

The two fables i want to compare are "how the moon became ivory" and "who is the best". The two fables have simaler problems and morals such as in the story who is the best the problem is that they don't share only because they think they are better than each other and the moral is you can't do every thing alone. In how the moon became ivory the people didn't like the moon in the begining because her face was too bright and the moral was to be yourself.

1/12/2011 10:13:34

The story Who is the best? and Virtue goes to town have some simalarities and differances.

What the storys have in common are that both storys are from Aisa, they both have morals, and the characters have Jobs.

There diferences is that in Who is the best the three men work together and there is three main char. and they made the farmer satisfied and in Vurtue goes to town, there is only one main Char., and Vurtue made the workers angery and he works alone.

1/12/2011 11:22:05

My stories are , How the Moon became Ivory ''and Virtue Goes to Town . Thier differences are, they are boy and girl.Also one is a good worker and one is a bad worker.They are the same because they both work . They are also both from Asia .After all the main lesson is,you will always have a job that you will like .

1/12/2011 11:25:08

i am comparing who is best with virtue goes to town. thay are from different contries, but are both from aisa. also, who is best has 3 main char. whil virtue goes to town only has 1. also thay both have a moral, in who is best, it is no one is more inpontant than onather, in virtue goes to town, it's if you eat hard, work hard.

1/12/2011 14:31:53

They asked other people for advise and the other people helped them out a lot in solving their problems.Like in the story "who is best" the rich farmer helped them in spliting the money,but in "How the moon became ivory" the queen mother of the west put ashes on her daughters face to solve their problem. these stories have morals. the moral in "who is best " is that its not about one individual its about all the people who helped out and I don't think that one individual is best I think all people are best.

1/13/2011 10:44:50

The 2 stories that i have comperd are How The Moon Became Ivory and Who is Best. What are the same between the 2 are they had problumes, had a fight, and had some agreed to stop fighting. The 2 diffrences for Who Is Best are it involed 3 men, worked for a rich farmer,and found food hinden with each of there sences.And the diffrences for How The Moon Became Ivory are it involved a moon and a sun, and the moon had ashes on her face, and also the mothe had a odd name Vuong Mau.

Brent S
1/14/2011 01:30:21

I decided to compare Virtue Goes to Town to Who is Best. Boon, Panya and Man get a job and so does Virtue. Boon Panya and Man are humans the same with Virtue. There is a famine in Whos the Best and jobs are scarce in Virtue Goes to Town. They are also different because Boon, Panya and Man have to find the food, but Virtue had the food right in front of him. This are some ways Virtue Goes to Town and Who is Best are the same and different.

1/20/2011 08:47:56

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1/25/2011 09:34:01

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