Write a paragraph comparing "Iditarod" and this week's story.  Use the double bubble map that you created.  Include the following:
1. Topic sentence identifying the two stories
2. Two sentences on similarities.
3. Two sentences on differences.
4.  Use descriptive words (adjectives).
5.  End with a concluding sentence.
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Iditarod Dream and Woodsong are alike because they both feature sleddogs. Also, they are alike because the story takes place on a path or trail, and mention the Pre-Iditarod race. They are in differ because in Woodsong, one dog teaches the man lessons and learns from thet dog(i think it was some thing like Stormy or something)and in Iditarod Dream, the sleddogs experience a snowmobile and one dog is still extremely nevous from that unexpected breakdown. That is how Iditarod Dream and Woodsong are alike and different.

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Oh also all the four above are by me some of them had minor mistake, im still in 5th grade,what do i know.

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I'm comparing Idiarod trail and fish for four. They have a lot in comen like harnesses is they straped it to a girl

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The stories "Woodsong" and "Iditarod Dream" have some things alike and some things different. Some of the things these two stories share are ,they both talk about sled dogging, they are also both mainly talking about all the dogs, and finally they are both races.Some differences they have is that in "Iditarod Dream" it's mainly about the race and it's a retelling of the last years race.But in "Woodsong" it's mainly about one dog and a story of how the dog messes with the other dogs and the musher. And it tells about how the dog communicates,but in "Iditarod Dream" it doesn't tell about a dog cummunicating

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Woodsong and Itarod Dream are very alike and somewhat different. Both include the very long Itarod. Both feature huskies and carrying a somewhat heavy item(s). In Woodsong, the huskies are carrying a very heavy stove and are in the pre-Itarod race, with the musher Gary. In Itarod Dream, Dusty (the musher) is in the Jr.Itarod race and all of his supplies make a bulky,heavy, load, and the dogs are treated correctly. -Brent

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there are some similarities in woodsong and Idiatareds dream. But have differances.
the things that they have in common is that there are sleddogs in both stories. Also they talk about the Idiatord race. They are differant because one talks about storm and the other talks about Dusty.

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the woodsong and the Ltarod dream are the same they have a long race and they each have huskies and each carry heavy stuff in woodsong the are carrying a stove in a practice race with the musher Gary. in Ltarod dream dusty is the musher is in the Jr. lditarod race and he is carrying a bulky,heavy ,load and the dogs are treated great and properly

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Woodsong and Iditarods Dream is similar because both characters are in the iditarod race and they have sled dogs. But they have a lot of differences like in Woodsong they talk only about one dog,Storm. And when the race was going on the temperature was 10 below zero but in Iditarods Dream it was 30 below zero and it talk about having a race not about a dog.

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"Wood Song" and "I Ditarod dream"are alike because they bough take place in a cold area. The area is below 0 degrees. Also they are alike

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wood song and iditarod have the same events that had happen but they also have the different things.they have dog memories, both have sleds,both have harnesses both have packeges,both have dog races too.wood song don't have headquarters, don't have handlers,don't have positions, don't have yentna stations.iditarod don't have a stove,don't have a porlor , don't have a bulk, don't have a old abandoned grade.

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I will compare Iditarod Dream and Woodsong. They have many things that are the same and different. Some of their similarities are they both are about real people and something big that happened to them. Another is that they both involve sled dogs and happenings which occurred on a trail. Their final similarity is that they both include great victories.
Some of their differences are that Woodsong is about Gary's relationship with Storm and Iditarod Dream is about a 13 year-old boy and his dream to win the Jr. Iditarod. Another difference is that Woodsong tells of how Storm teaches the man with his talents and Iditarod Dream tells of the 13 year-old boys encounters along the way to victory. Their final difference is that Woodsong is a Personal Narrative and Iditarod Dream is Nonfiction. I had lots of fun reading both stories and can't wait to read more.

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"Wood Song" and "I Ditarod dream"are alike because they bough take place in a cold area. The area is below 0 degrees. Also they are alike because they bough have a dog sleds race in the story. They take care of the dogs.
The two stories are diferint because one is a bout a dog and the other is about a sleder. The next one is the story is funny and the other one is more of an action story. The dog teaches a lesson in the story and the sleder fallows a dream. lastly the dog comunicats with a stick and the sleder comuncats though voice.

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''Iditarod Dream'' and ''Woodsong'' are different because , iditarod dream is about a jr.racer winning . Woodsong is about how a dog changed somebodys life . They are alike because , they are both about dogs . They also both take place in a cold place . Even though they can be different and alike , they are both awesome storys .

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The 3 simalarities I chose between Iditarod Dream and Woodsong are : 1} both of these stories have happend in real life.2} both of these stories include Alaskin Huskies { sled dogs}.3} is in both stories they include long hours of travel and have details to describe the ups an downs

The 3 differences I have chosen between the two previous stories above are, 1} Woodsong is a ALA Noticable Book / Teachers choice, But Iditarod Dream is just a Teachers Choice Book.2} Woodsong is about a Alaskin Huskie that teaches his musher to comunicate with him, and Iditarod Dream is about a 13 year-old biy who dreams of winning the Jr. Iditarod race. 3} is that in Woodsong instead of real photos it has drawings, for the story Iditarod Dream it includes real photos taken at the scene. These are the 6 differences I have to share with you about the stories Iditarod Dream and Woodsong.

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I am comparing the books Iditarod Dream and the book we are reading now Woodsong. First, they are alike because they both take place in races like the pre-Iditarod race. Second, they are both sled dog racers and they take good care of there dogs. Things that are different is that in the book Woodsong it talks about one dog named Storm. Also in Woodsong they have certin ways to communicate. In the story Iditarod dream it told how the guy took care of all the dogs also it talk not about just one dog it talks about all the dogs that competed.
p.s so funny Asia......

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i am compering iditarod dream and woodsong. they are alike because both have mushers. also because in both there is a race. they are different because 1 was about 1 dog, the other is about all of the dogs. also because 1 is a personal narrative wile the other is just a non-fiction.


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