I will be working on the garden Wednesday morning from 9am to 11am.  Plan on  planting purple carrots, lettuce and more green beans.  Leave me a post if you are thinking about coming.   

We do not have to weed because we tilled the soil on Sunday and it is ready to plant.

Hale Kula Fifth grade  students and teachers participated in an Earth Day event on Schofield.  Students educated community members on vermicomposting and the benefits of it. Students helped visitors to create their own make-and-take worm bins.
    Welcome to our blog!  We are excited and curious to meet you and learn all about you and life in Taiwan.  Please write about five sentences to us sharing about yourself.  Some things we are curious about are: what are you studying in school, your favorite books, music you listen to, after school sports, activities and hobbies, favorite foods and other interesti
    A belated but heartfelt thank you to all the students that volunteered their time to research and prepare supplies for our worm education event at Leilehua High School in February.  Students put in many hours after school researching vermicomposting and preparing supplies for make and take worm bins.  We cut, drilled, shreaded, and sprayed materials for 100 participants to create their own personal worm bin to take home.  See pictures below. 
We will be working in the garden Wed March 16 from 9am -11am if you would like to come and join us!
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Check out this cute video.  How do you think the cat learned to do this?
Hope you all had a happy and safe new year.  I will be going to work int he garden tomorrow, Sunday morning from about 9am to 11am if anyone wants to come.  We are going to pullout the broccoli and other dead plants.
I am going to head up to the school and check out the conditions in the garden.  If it is not too wet and muddy I will stay and do some work.  Probably from about 10:00 to 12:00.